Worison Woodless Color Pencil

Product Short Description:

  • Wood Free
  • Non-Toxic
  • Conforms to EN71



Product Description

Product Information and Features :

Product Name – Worison Woodless Color Pencil 12 Shades, 24 Shades .
Brand – Worlson
Quantity – 6 Shades12 Shades, 24 Shades
Main Highlight – Color Pencil

Worison Woodless Color Pencil

These pencils are highly pigmented and suitable for all ages and skill levels. Made entirely of highly pigmented lead and strengthened with a special lacquer sheath which means you can stop wasting money on wood shavings and save trees. Pleasant to hold and the perfectly dispersed pigment gives them a smooth and creamy feel.

In the box

  1. 6 Color Pencils | 12 Color Pencils | 24 Color Pencils

Bottom Line :

Worlson is one of the oldest and the most innovative indigenous pen brand in India.

Choose Your Shades

6 Shades, 6 Skin Color Shades, 12 Shades, 24 Shades



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