Safety Padlock 50mm – USA Design

– Durable

– Substantial

– Standardized

– Classifiable

– Exclusive for Safety


Product Description

Product Information and Features

Product Name – Safety Padlock 50mm

Brand – HEHE Design USA

Quantity –1 Lock and 3 Keys

Main Highlight – Lock

Safety Padlock 50mm – USA Design

For years, HEHE Design USA Lock has been serving the security market with padlocks. Our main goal is to produce you with what you wish for your facility and thus you’ll make sure all of your employees go home daily.
Our laminated steel safety padlocks are appropriate for each safety and security functions. they’re created in China and their high-quality recycled steel laminates are severally coated with a non-hazardous cadmium-free plating, giving the lock a particularly smart level of rust resistance. the proper safety lock to be used in harsh conditions and for accessorial security.

HEHE Design USA  offers a broad choice of safety resistance padlocks.

Our product are designed to fulfill all of the five necessities for safety padlocks and devices printed within the federal agency Lockout/Tagout commonplace including

  • Durable
  • Substantial
  • Standardized
  • classifiable
  • Exclusive for Safety

Bottom Line

HEHE is a genuine top security brand in security industry.

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