Camel Colored Drawing ink 12 Shades

Product Short Description-

  • Camel Colored Drawing ink
  • 12 Exotic Shades
  • Premium Quality
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Product Description

Product Information and Features

Product Name – Camel Colored Drawing ink 12 Shades.
Brand – Camlin
Quantity –  12 Shades
Main Highlight – Colored Drawing ink

Camel Colored Drawing ink 12 Shades

Camel Colored Drawing Inks are transparent, stream effectively from the brush. The inks depend on colors decided for their splendor with the exception of high contrast which depend on light quick shades. They have a high shading quality and are transparent. They can be intermixed with each other or weakened with water. Perfect for line drawing, studio representations, perception, mold drawing or inside and engineering work. This incorporates 12 arranged shades of 20ml.


In The Box

  1. 12N x Camel Colored Drawing ink

Bottom Line

Camlin is an extremely well-known stationery mark in creating craftsman materials including water shading, oil paints, pastels, acrylics, inks, pencils and so on for the two specialists and understudies.



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