Omega Draft’sMan Clips

Product Short Description-

  • Made from chromium plated tempered special quality steel
  • One set contains 4 clips
  • Useful to hold sheets on drawing board


Product Description

Product Information and Features :

Product Name – Omega DraftsMan Clips .
Quantity – 4 Clips
Brand – Omega
Main Highlight – Clips

Omega DraftsMan Clips

Omega Draftsman Clips(Pack of 4) surely understood as Drawing Board Clips. They are utilized to hold drawings on Drawing Boards which evacuate sheet development while working. Attracting cuts are utilized to append at least two sheets together. These little clips are comprised of steel and are very easy to use. The term drawing board clips comes from their being used to hold drawings on drawing boards. This clips are made from chromium plated tempered special quality steel.

In The Box

  1. 4 Omega Clips

Bottom Line

The company owes its leading position at home and worldwide to its constant belief in quality, its wide product range for many different target groups and its well-known brand name OMEGA.



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