Kokuyo Kid’s Scissors – 15cm

– Ignenious blade design for smooth cutting

– Safety cap with name sticker

– Ergonomic handle for stress free grip


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Product Description

Product Information and Features:

Product Name– Kokuyo Kids Scissors – 15cm

Brand– Camlin | Kokuyo

Quantity– 1 Scissor 1 Safety Cap

Main Highlight– Kid’s Scissors

Kokuyo Kids Scissors – 15cm

Kokuyo Kids Scissors – 15cm has an ignenious blade design for smooth cutting. It also has an safety cap with name sticker. This scissors have ergonomic handle for stress free grip. It has multipurpose usage, can be used to cut Card board, Tetra pack, Plastic, Card Paper and Thin paper.


– Air cushion structure i.e. power goes till edges of blades.

– More sharpness than the conventional products.

– Reduces the pressure on fingers due to finger rest design.

– Stainless steel blade.

Bottom Line:

Kokuyo Camlin Ltd formerly known as Camlin Ltd. it is an Famous Indian Company.

In The Box:

  1. 1 Scissor
  2. 1 Safety cap with name sticker

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