Flair Inky Fountain Pen

Product Short Description:

  • Attractive body
  • A unique liquid ink system
  • Stainless steel nib with iridium tip
  • 2 Free X-large jumbo size cartridge


Product Description

Product Information and Features :

Product Name – Flair Inky Fountain Pain
Brand – Flair
Quantity – 1 Fountain Pen 2 Jumbo Size Ink Cartridges
Main Highlight – Fountain Pen

Flair Inky Fountain Pain

Flair inky fountain pen is made up of advanced German technology which is used in very less pens. the nip of this fountain pen is made up of high quality material which is very strong which gives you real writing pleasure. this fountain pen comes with writing friendly body which gives you comfortable writing experience which is every important while writing.

Its comes with attractive plastic body design also have unique liquid ink system which gives you good flow of ink. because of stainless steel nib which comes with iridium tip it gives smooth writing experience. this flair inky fountain pen comes with 2 Free X-large jumbo size cartridge for longer writing length.

Cartridge Refilling Instruction

  1. Unscrew and separate the barrel.
  2. insert the ink cartridge in the neck firmly as per direction given in below figure.
  3. Screw back the barrel after tightening the refill cartridge.
  4. Now keep pen in Tip down vertical position for few seconds and start to use.

Bottom Line

Flair is the Asia’s most famous promising brand in stationery industries.

Choose Your Variants

Normal Edition, Cartoon Edition



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