Fevicryl Mouldit 50g (Fevicryl Shilpkar 50 g) Pack of 16

Product Short Description

  • Fevicryl Shilpkar 50 g Now Become Fevicryl Mouldit
  • Contains 25gm Hardener & 25gm Resin
  • Non – Sticky
  • White M-Seal for Arts and Crafts
  • Ideal For Handicraft and Decorative Work



Product Description

Product Information and Features

Product Name – Fevicryl Shilpkar 50 g . (Fevicryl Mouldit 50g)
Brand – Fevicryl
Quantity – 50 g
Main Highlight – Shilpkar 50 g

Fevicryl Shilpkar 50 g (Fevicryl Mouldit 50g)

Utilize Hobby Ideas Shilpkar to form and make impressive shapes, and 3 dimensional gems. It solidifies inside a hour and a half. Once completed, you can paint your completed creation effectively with acrylic hues. Weight: 50 grams

Sometime in the past adhesives were just accessible in fluid shape and paper-to-paper staying implied sticky fingers and a general muddled affair. Pidilite, being the pioneers in glue section, tended to this issue 20 years back through the dispatch of Fevistik.

In The Box

  1. 16 N Fevicryl Shilpkar 50 g (Fevicryl Mouldit 50g)

Bottom Line

Pidilite Industries Limited has been a pioneer in buyer and specialities chemicals in India. More than two-third of the companys deals originate from items and fragments it has spearheaded in India.



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