Fevicryl Glass Colors Water Based – 10 Shades

Product Short Description-

  • 1 15 ml black outliner tube
  • Water Based and non-toxic
  • Easy to handle and available in brilliant colors
  • Ready to use and do not require any medium
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Product Description

Product Information and Features

Product Name – Fevicryl Glass Colors Water Based – 10 Shades .
Brand – Fevicryl
Quantity – 10ml X 10 shades 1 15ml black outliner tube
Main Highlight – Fevicryl Glass Colors Water Based | 10 shades | 10ml

Fevicryl Glass Colors Water Based – 10 Shades

Fevicryl Glass Colors are an innovative range of hobby colors from Pidilite. They are ready-to-use and do not require any medium. They are water-based and non-toxic, which means they are safe even for children to use. They are easy to handle and are available in brilliant colors. Creating stain glass effects with Fevicryl Glass Colors is not only easy but it is great fun too!

Fevicryl Glass Color Outliner is specially prepared to prevent the color from spreading across the design outlines. The surface to be painted should be free from dirt and grease.

Instructions To Use

– Clean the Glass /Acrylic surface using either soap water, vinegar or alcohol and allow it to dry naturally.
– Place the Glass / Acrylic over the design, on a flat surface.
– Draw the design with glass outliner at a linear angle of 40°- 60° and let it dry for 2 hours.
– Do not shake the bottle.
– Squeeze the bottle gently and fill the color in the design.
– If bubbles form, break them with a pin or needle.
– Do not move the painting until it is touch dry for 24 hours.
– Do not touch the painting, before complete drying to avoid fingerprints.
– Protect the painting from dust and moisture, use only soft, dry cloth for cleaning.
– Clean the bottle cap and nozzle thoroughly and close the bottle firmly after use.
– If the nozzle is blocked/clogged (i.e. If color is not coming out), then pierce it with a pin or needle.

Box Contain Following Colors
  1. Pink
  2. Brown
  3. Crystal Green
  4. Black
  5. Ultramarine Blue
  6. Orange
  7. White
  8. Tomato Red
  9. Golden Yellow
  10. Sea Blue
  11. 1 15ml black outliner tube with cap

Bottom Line

Fevicryl is a Famous Indian stationery company.



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