Doms ZOOM Ultimate Dark Pencils

Product Short Description:

  • Brand: Doms
  • Lead with Hi-Quality Graphite For Dark & Neat Writing
  • Accurate Bonding Process
  • Meets International Quality Standards


Product Description

Product Information and Features

Product Name– Doms ZOOM Ultimate Dark Pencils.
Brand– Doms Pencils
Model– ZOOM Ultimate Dark Pencils
Quantity– 10 Triangle Pencils
Main Highlight– Set of 10 Camlin Elegant Pencils with free Eraser and Sharper

Doms ZOOM Ultimate Dark Pencils

Appear as though you are on right page for HB pencils. Doms ZOOM Ultimate Dark Pencils has presented Super Dark Pencils pencil box with set of 10 and free eraser and Sharpener in the container. This is utilized by understudies and children for drawing and composing reason. The extraordinary check on pencil shows an ideal bond amongst lead and wood to give an unbreakable point in typical utilize.

Doms ZOOM Ultimate Dark Pencils is utilizing new innovations and research to make their item and brand unrivaled then ever it was. One eraser and sharpener is totally free with the buy of the box.

In The Box

  • Doms ZOOM Ultimate Dark Pencil Box
  • Pencil Sticks × 10
  • Safe and Secure Packaging by LTH

Bottom Line

Doms Y1 Super Dark Triangle Pencil. Perfect for kids and Students for writing and drawing purpose.





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