Creation Funclay – How To Make Panda

Product Short Description:

  • Creation Funclay Is Safe
  • Non-Toxic
  • Odorless
  • Easily Shaped
  • Non-Hardening, Non-Shaping, Non-Drying
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Product Description

Creation Funclay – How To Make Panda

Creation Funclay is easy and safe to handle for Kids. It is made by non toxic elements as it gets secure even only children are handling without parents. The Funclay is soft but modern in quality results strong structure which long lasts for a days or month.

Creation Funclay – How To Make Panda is non hardening as described. It is also non shaping to form any shape your kids wants. With the latest non drying technology you can remake the structures you want.

About Product – Creation Funclay – How To Make Panda

The following clay comes with five shaping tools included in the package. The three shapes are Duck, Dog and Cat respectively. Another fourth one is used to finishing and 5th one is used to make rolls out of it. There is one more shape maker with which you can create PANDA out of it. No need to apply skills, just pour clay in the “How to Make Panda” shape maker and start you art game.



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