Camlin Elegant Pencils Set of 10

Product Short Description:

  • Brand: Camlin
  • Camlin Elegant Dark Pencils
  • Unbreakable point in normal use
  • FREE Eraser and Sharpener


Product Description

Product Information and Features

Product Name– Camlin Elegant Pencils.
Brand– Camlin India
Model– Camlin Elegant Drawing Pencils
Quantity– 10 Units
Main Highlight– Elegant Pencils with free Eraser and Sharper

Camlin Elegant Pencils

Look like you are on the right page for HB pencils. Kokuyo Camlin has introduced Elegant HB pencil box with a set of 10 and free eraser and Sharpener in the box. This is used by students and kids for drawing and writing purpose. The special mark on pencil indicates a perfect bond between lead and wood to give an unbreakable point in normal use.

Now after Kokuyo ties up, Camlin is using new technologies and research to make their product and brand superior then ever it was. One eraser and sharpener is absolutely free with the purchase of the box.

In The Box

  • Camlin Elegant Pencils box
  • Pencil Sticks × 10
  • Safe and Secure Packaging by LTH


Bottom Line

Camlin Elegant Drawing Pencils. Perfect for kids and Students for writing and drawing purpose.





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