Camlin Brush Pen – 6 Shades

Product Short Description:

  • Comes with the flexible tip.
  • Water soluble and suitable for a wide range of paper.
  • Flexible brush tip for effortless painting and calligraphy.
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Product Description

Product Information and Features

Product Name – Camlin Brush Pen 6 Shades
Brand – Camlin | Kokuyo
Quantity – 6 shades
Main Highlight – Brush Pen

Camlin Brush Pen 6 Shades

These are innovative and premium quality brush tip pens. Brush pens give a translucent watercolor effect with the ease of a pen- students can now create beautiful watercolor without the inconvenience of using water, palette, brush, and color. These pens have a flexible brush tip which gives fine, medium and bold strokes.

Camlin brush pen has flexible brush tips that give fine, medium and bold strokes just like the paintbrush. Hamlin brush pens are made up of water-based ink.

Lettering: This is a great tool for lettering with ease, its well-defined lines help you design with perfection. its brush tips help in fine detailing techniques, making the whole picture impactful.

Line Work: With this, you can now draw flawless thin as well as thick strokes. its flexible brush-like tip allows one to switch between lining techniques with ease.

In the box

  1. 6 brush pens

Bottom Line

Kokuyo Camlin Ltd., formerly known as Camlin Ltd., is a Famous Indian stationery company.



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