Camel Special Waterproof Drawing Ink -Black

– Suitable for all papers, cards and drawing papers.

– Free flowing, safe for use in bow pens and croquills.

– Available in 20 ml glass bottle with feeder cap in an individual carton.

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Product Description

Product Information and Features :

Product Name – Camel Special Waterproof Drawing Ink Black
Brand – Camlin | Kokuyo
Quantity – 20ml
Main Highlight – Black Drawing Inks

Camel Special Waterproof Drawing Ink Black

Camel Drawing Inks are transparent, stream effortlessly from brush. The inks depend on colors decided for their splendor aside from high contrast which depend on light quick shades. They have a high shading quality and are transparent. They can be intermixed with each other. Perfect for all drawing instruments except Camligraph and other technical pens. Ideal for line work and halftones.

How To Use:
Shake ink before use. Rinse pen well with clean water prior to each filling. Do not leave the pen uncapped.

Bottom Line :

Kokuyo Camlin Ltd formerly known as Camlin Ltd. it is an Famous Indian  company.

In the box :

  1. Black (99)


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