Apsara White Dustless Chalks

Product Short Description:

  • Brand: Apsara
  • High Quality, bright, smooth and long-lasting
  • Dustless and hypo-allergenic
  • Reduces the risk of skin allergies


Product Description

Product Information and Features:

Product Name – Apsara White Dustless Chalks.
Brand – Apsara
Quantity – 10 piece | 77mm
Main Highlight – Dustless Chalk

Apsara White Dustless Chalks

These Dustless Chalks are dust free and have very hygienic writing. It reduces the risk of skin allergies. These are high quality calcium carbonate.  These chalks are non toxic and non soiling which makes it totally non polluting in nature. It has very smooth writing and has more writing length. These chalks are also available in 5 vibrant colors. It is suitable for all well maintained boards.

In the box

  1. 10 Chalks

Bottom Line:

White Dustless Chalks are Imported By: Hindustan Pencils Pvt. Ltd.



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